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Peterborough Triumph


Peterborough Triumph decided to base the design of their Bobber on an aircraft colour scheme because of the passion that the Webbs' team have for historic aircraft.

They considered a number of different aircraft for the inspiration, but decided that it needed to meet a specific criteria. One, it must be a British icon, and two, Peterborough Triumph has always been affiliated with East Anglia, particularly Lincolnshire, 'The Bomber County', so basing it on a bomber would be a perfect idea.


Ryan Mills - Bob01 Project Manager Laurie Smith - Fabricator/Technician Stuart Mears - Fabricator/Technician Sean Judge - Creative designer

Triumph Bobber Build Off


Peterborough Triumph picked a colour scheme from a 1960s target tug, a Mosquito with the destination of TT.35. It is a historic aircraft colour scheme, with a hazardous waste/zombie apocalypse vibe, to appeal to a young and contemporary audience.

Bobber Build off


The Peterborough Triumph team has included quarter painted wheels, a high level custom-made exhaust system and infill panels to enclose the rear of the bike. These special features and accessories complement their 1960s aircraft theme.

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A1 Moto Services Bobber Build Off

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