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Thu, 05 Dec 2019

Engineering magnificence - the all-new 2020 Triumph Rocket 3 range

A calling sought by many, the Rocket 3 has carried an incredible reputation for years, after its dominance from the moment it made its explosive entry into the scene. Topping charts, taking records, becoming the ultimate leader in production engine capacity - the name speaks for itself. Triumph revisited the blueprints that made the Rocket into what it is, an ultimate performance muscular cruiser, with an incredible pull thanks to the torque. Acceleration that's beautifully smooth, responsive and refined.

The new Rocket 3 range demands respect, placing itself above traditional categories and placements, instead, standing alone and proud as a Rocket. Bold, muscular stance that carries its strength gracefully, with a magnificent style. Two new models are available for 2020 in the range, the new Rocket 3 R and Rocket 3 GT. Each built for its appropriate purpose - and how far you aim your journey to go. While both capable, they carve their niche, ensuring riders make the right choice for their use.

The Rocket 3 R takes form as the ultimate muscle roadster, with world-leading torque and instantaneous acceleration for thrilling rides, no matter the preface. The torque peaks 71% higher than the closest competition, in fact, utilising a neat, flat rich curve that peaks at around 4,000rpm, then holding its maximum torque all the way throughout the mid-range so you have full access as and when you need it. The power offers the same thrill, peaking at 167PS at 6,000rpm which is up by 11% compared to the previous generation; gracefully accessible from as low as 3,500rpm, all the way up towards the redline.

The Rocket 3 GT delivers the same power, while approaching the road with a different mindset. Still that incredible monstrous torque and power you've come to know from the Rocket 3 R, while enhancing its touring capability to ensure that each and every escape doesn't fall flat by fatigue. An extended fly screen helps shield your body from wind as you make the most of your escape, while a height adjustable pillion backrest ensures your passenger stays comfortable and catered to. Heated grips, fitted as standard ensure that even as the temperature falls, your control won't. Finally, adjustable ergonomics such as the customisable foot controls to allow riders to personalise their Rocket to feel just right for them.

We're absolutely blown away by the strong showing by the new Rocket models and we hope you are too. We're taking deposits now on both models so you can secure yours for earliest available delivery. If you're interested, get in touch with our team today, or pop in-store to discuss your options.